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The Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser

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"The kitchen tape holder is awesome. It stayed where we put it. We love that the marker has a home and gets returned every time! You have a great product here!"

- Jesse Mendica, Executive Chef, Olive + Oak

"Coolest new kitchen invention...pen and tape are always and easily at hand. Brilliant."

- Michael Ruhlman, James Beard Award-winning Cooking Author & Food Journalist

"I love this product! I'm a Pro Home Cook and I use it for both labels and sealing up bags when needed. It's an absolute game changer in the kitchen for organization and efficiency.

- Mike Greenfield,

"Chefs Love Kitchen Stickin'!!!...a must for any home or professional kitchen...makes it easier than ever to label, date and organize food efficiently and effectively...Thank you Kitchen Stickn' :)

- Travis Rea, Vice President, Growth Marketing / Experience / Culinary

Editor's Top Pick - 2023 Products of the Year

- Food & Beverage Magazine

From Restaurants to Your Home

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5% of every purchase here goes to help prevent food waste, feed those in need, and fight climate change.

Your purchase of the Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser not only helps reduce food waste in your kitchen, it helps reduce food waste in your community and the impact of that waste on our environment.

Every year, American consumers end up tossing 54 billion pounds of safe, wholesome food which winds up rotting in landfills or burned in incinerators--and those greenhouse gases go right into the atmosphere.

Feeding America is dedicated to keeping good, nourishing food out of landfills and healthy meals on the tables of those in need. 5% of every purchase on our website goes to helping them fight hunger and help the planet at the same time.

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