What can I do with the Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser?

  • Label containers, ingredients, shelves...everything! This easy, instant label maker doesn’t need batteries or expensive replacement rolls.
  • Get rid of all those chip clips junking up your kitchen drawers. Never buy another chip clip again.
  • Know at a glance what’s in your refrigerator, when you made or opened it, and if it’s still good to eat.
  • Enjoy a more organized freezer with sealed and labeled bags and boxes.
  • Need a sticky note? Now, tape and a pen are always handy and notes stay put.
  • Display photos, flyers, and kids crafts on your stainless steel refrigerator again.
  • Entertaining? Label drink cups, wine glasses and foods served.
  • Lose a twist tie? No problem. Just twist the bag and tape!
  • Tame your tangle of power cords.
  • Got pets--and pet hair everywhere? Wrap some tape around your hand, sticky side out, for an instant lint roller.
  • What other uses will you find?

Why painter's tape?

  • Painter's tape is designed to stick securely, yet release cleanly without any sticky residue. With the ability to be stuck and reapplied numerous times per use, it performs better than any other type of tape for labeling containers, sealing bags and boxes, and taping up items around the kitchen. 

What comes with my purchase?

  • Your Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser comes with a roll of painter’s tape, permanent marker, and damage-free mounting strips included.
  • The tape dispenser and everything that comes with it are all American-made for the highest quality and best performance.

Will mounting the Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser damage my walls, cabinets, or refrigerator?

  • Nope. The Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser mounts to nearly any smooth kitchen surface using damage-free mounting strips that apply quickly, hold strongly, and release easily with no residue or damage.
  • Appropriate surfaces for mounting include painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, plaster, metal, and painted wallboard.

How do I mount/remove my Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser?

Where can I get tape and pen refills?

  • You can find replacement rolls of tape and pens in just about any discount store, supermarket, or hardware store.
  • The Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser will work with any standard roll of 1” painter’s tape and markers that include a pen clip on the cap.

How long will a roll of tape last?

  • A typical roll of painter’s tape provides around 500 uses.

Will painter’s tape work on bags and boxes in my freezer?

  • Yes. Most brands of painter’s tape will work well in the freezer although adhesive quality does vary from brand to brand,  Experiment to find your favorite brand of tape!
  • For maximum effectiveness, use a dry kitchen towel to wipe away any condensation that may be on the bag or box before applying tape.

What’s the best way to seal bags with Kitchen Stickin’® tape?

  • To seal a bag, roll or fold down the open end of the bag several times.
  • Use a 4” to 5” length of tape vertically to tape the rolled/folded portion onto the rest of the bag.
  • To make lifting/removing the tape easier, you can create an “easy lift” tab by folding over one end of the tape on itself.

What’s your return policy?

  • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser for any reason, you can return or exchange it within 30 days of receiving your order. Just send the item back to us along with your order number and we’ll issue you a prompt refund or send you a replacement.