Tape Designed for the Kitchen

Think about all the ways you use tape...at the office, at school, everywhere around the house...except in the kitchen. That’s about to change.

How would you like to know what’s in your fridge at a glance...and if it’s still good to eat?

How would you like to get rid of all those chip clips that junk up your utensil drawers? You'll never have to search for...or run out of...chip clips again.

How would you like to put pictures and artwork up on your stainless steel refrigerator?

Now, with the Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser, you can do that and so much more...



With so many uses, it's perfect for homes, apartments, motorhomes, restaurants, workplace break rooms...anyplace with a kitchen!

The Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser mounts quickly and easily on refrigerators, walls...even out of sight inside cabinets and pantries.


The mounting strips included hold the dispenser in place securely, yet release clean with no damage.

With its quick-clip pen holder and serrated edges on both sides, the Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser's patent pending design offers easy, one-handed operation wherever you choose to mount it.

Just hang the included roll of painter’s tape and marking pen on the dispenser, and you’re ready to get stickin’ in YOUR kitchen!

The Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser and accessories that come with it are all Made in America for dependable quality, materials, and performance. Best of all, it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for? Stick it to food waste and disorganization in your kitchen with the Kitchen Stickin’™ Tape Dispenser!

(Pat. 11,498,800)