Our Story

I’m Emmanuel, just a regular family guy in St. Louis working to keep his family life, work life, and kitchen running in these crazy times!

My wife and I have three kids, including twin boys that were each born with rare chromosome and genetic disorders that have required a bit more time, attention and medical expense over the years. (If you’d like to learn more about us, my family was actually featured on an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in 2008.)

To help keep our meals healthy and our food expenses in check, we cook as often we can. In the past, our leftovers would just get put into containers and shoved into forgotten corners of our refrigerator to die a slow, fuzzy death.

Sick of all the waste, I started using tape to label and date my leftovers. The labels stood out in the fridge reminding me those meals were still there, and the dates on the labels let me know when we needed to eat them by. We started throwing out way less food and I was thrilled.

From then on, I always kept a roll of tape and a permanent marker in the kitchen junk drawer.

Always having tape around, my family started discovering more and more uses for it like replacing chip clips and lost twist ties, sticking reminders up everywhere, wrapping our appliances' power cords, getting pet hair off our sofa and clothes...and on, and on! 

While using tape in the kitchen was great, it seemed like, every time I needed some, I could never find it. My kids were constantly walking off with the tape or the markers...or both!  

That’s where the idea for the Kitchen Stickin’® tape dispenser came from--as a way I could keep tape and a marker instantly available, yet up and out of the way. Now, my family is excited to share our handy kitchen solution with you.

We know we’re not saving the world or anything, but we're happy knowing we're making people’s lives just a little more convenient and, hopefully, helping them save a little money and waste less food at the same time!