Stick It. Don't Pitch It.

Believe it or not, you're probably wasting over 200 pounds of food every year and don't even know it. According the to US Department of Agriculture, the average American actually wastes 219 pounds annually.

It's the produce you bought with good intentions. The meat you didn't have time to prepare last week. The leftovers you forgot about in corner of your fridge.

According to the National Resource Defense Council, an average American household of four wastes at least $1,500 of food each year.

In fact, individuals at home waste more food than both the restaurant and grocery industries combined. American consumers waste a staggering 54 billion pounds of food every year which, in turn, is the #1 thing rotting in our landfills releasing methane gas and contributing to climate change.

With the Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser, you can help curb your household’s food waste, save money and do your part to fight climate change at the same time.

  • By clearly labeling and dating your containers of leftovers and takeout foods, you help them stay visible and identifiable in the refrigerator so they get eaten before they go bad.
  • Sealing things like bags of chips in your pantry, blocks of cheese in your refrigerator, and bags of tater tots in your freezer helps them stay fresh longer so they can be enjoyed instead of tossed.
  • Labeling meats and fish with big and bold "use by" dates you don't have to search for gives you a helpful reminder to use or freeze them every time you open your refrigerator. 
  • Labeling open items in your refrigerator like bottles of condiments, bags of lunchmeat, and jars of olives helps you track when they were opened and encourages you to eat them before they expire.

So, when in doubt, throw it out? Try, remove the doubt instead of throwing it out...with the Kitchen Stickin’™ Tape Dispenser!

When you purchase a Kitchen Stickin’® Tape Dispenser, the positive impact of your actions goes way beyond the walls of your kitchen. 5% of every sale on our website goes to Feeding America to help keep good, nourishing food out of landfills and put healthy meals on the tables of those in need. Your purchase helps them fight hunger and help the planet at the same time.